Wahaca is a Mexican restaurant serving Mexican street food. Just to give you a little background about Wahaca, the company was founded by two friends who shared a love for Mexican food which they discovered on their frequent travels. They opened their first branch in Covent Garden, and the restaurant has since expanded, and they now have 25 branches dotted all over London.

When I entered the restaurant, I loved the ambiance straight away. There was kind of a relaxed vibe, with low lighting and a large seating area. The kitchen was on show, so you were able to see your food being made right in front of you. There was also a large bar with lovely high chairs, so you can just go in for some cocktails and nibbles if you fancy. The service was amazing also – I was approached and seated as soon I entered the restaurant, and our waiter regularly checked on us and attended to all of our needs.

The cocktail I ordered (Passion fruit and Vanilla Mojito) was amazing, I would give it at least a 7/10 – and they definitely were not stingy with the alcohol! The pricing was quite good too, with the cocktails ranging from £7-9 for quite a large glass.

The restaurant recommended we order a few plates per person as they were quite small dishes. The ‘Pork Pibil’ (pictured on the first page) had to be my favourite thing on the menu. It is a soft taco filled with slow cooked pork and topped with pickled onions. The texture was perfect – succulent and juicy. It was so full of flavour, a strong 7/10.

The rest of the food however, was quite underwhelming unfortunately. We ordered the ‘Grilled Chicken and Avocado’ soft tacos, ‘Black Bean and Three Cheeses’ quesadilla and Churros for dessert. The tacos and quesadillas lacked flavour, and the Churros had little sugar and cinnamon, and the chocolate sauce wasn’t as sweet as expected. The pricing however was quite good, you’d probably only need £20-30 for a full meal. Overall, I would give this restaurant a 5/10, and would definitely go back for more cocktails!